Emotional Aspects of the Treatment

After introducing the idea of encopresis, and discussing the medical side and the role of the Tracking Chart, the time has come to really introduce the habit-change model. However, to do so right now is jumping the gun a bit: the program that we use is not a purely 100%

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Time for the Tracking Chart

After an intro to encopresis (https://bit.ly/EncoIntro) and the necessity of a medical assessment (https://bit.ly/EncoGastro) this post will start to discuss what happens in the consultation sessions themselves. After getting the necessary information from a doctor and hearing more from the parents about the current situation and developmental history, we’ll usually

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So How Do We Treat Encopresis? 

After the previous intro post on encopresis, the next few posts will focus on the practical aspects of the treatment model we use. The current post will discuss the first step: making an appointment with a doctor. When parents reach out to us, the first thing we recommend is making

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Let’s Talk About Encopresis

Earlier on in the year, when I wrote about Encopresis (link in the comments (1)), I mentioned that the usual response to my saying the word “Encopresis” is “Enco-what?”. The second most common response (after explaining what encopresis is) is “Oh, so *that’s* what it’s called!” Encopresis is fairly common,

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“It’s like déjà vu all over again” – Yogi Berra This week’s parsha (Bechukotai), tells of the consequences that Bnei Yisrael will face if they don’t listen to Hashem. It is a truly chilling list, traditionally read in an undertone during the public Torah reading. Interestingly, these consequences are told

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